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The Kilmore Celtic Studies Centre was established to further the commitment of Kilmore being the Celtic Capital. It's aim is to foster studies in things Celtic and provide resources to further those studies. It is located in the Court House, 4 Powlett Street, Kilmore, V 3764, Australia


The Kilmore Celtic Studies Resources Collection is based on the Kilmore Celtic Studies Centre.
Access to the Collection is by appointment and materials can be used on-site only. Use of the Collection is by donation to expand and curate the collection.

Cash donations of $2.00 and more, for Library Collection purchases, are fully tax deductible under Australian Taxation Law.

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General Resources


Artonview: National Gallery of Australia Journal: Issue No. 21 - Autumn 2000 - Pauline Green, ed. Magazine. 48pp, with illustrations. Contains articles on the Book of Kells and illuminated manuscripts as well as on Susan Cohn and Arthur Streeton. Images from Kells Collection.

The Book of Kells and other Illuminated Manuscripts - Professor Margaret Manion. Video. 45mins. Video of a lecture given by Professor Manion at the Images from the Book of Kells Exhibition at Kilmore in June 2000. Images from Kells Collection.

The Book of Kells and the Art of Illumination - Pauline Green, ed. Book. 80pp, numerous plates, paperback. National Gallery of Australia, 2000. The catalogue of an exhibition held at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, February-May 2000. Forewords were provided by the Irish Taoseach Bertie Ahern and Australian Prime Minister John Howard and has contributions by Dr Brian Kennedy, Professor Margaret Manion and Dr Bernard Meehan. Gives details of some fifty illuminated manuscripts held in Australasian libraries. Images from Kells Collection.

Celtic Alphabets - Aidan Meehan. Book. 96pp, 16 illustrated alphabets, paperback. Thames and Hudson, 1997. 0500279802. Contains illuminated letter styles in all Celtic forms, including knotwork, animal and plant forms, spirals and human figures. Linda Lowden Bequest.

Celtic Arts and Crafts- Dr Bronwyn Stocks. Video. 45mins. Video of a lecture given by Dr Stocks of Monash University at the Images from the Book of Kells Exhibition at Kilmore in June 2000. Images from Kells Collecetion.

Ductus: A History of Handwriting - Dr Bernard Muir. CD. University of Melbourne, 2000. This is an introduction to the making of manuscripts and the development of western European handwriting in the Middle Ages. This CD has many features including references and videos. Gift of Dr Bernard Muir.

Easy to Duplicate Celtic Borders: 55 Copyright-Free Forms - Mallory Pearce. Book. 60pp, paperback. Dover Books, 1993. 0486277976. Large format ready to use Celtic borders. Linda Lowden Bequest.


Celtic Fairy Tales - Collected, annotated and introduced by Joseph Jacobs, with illustrations by Victor Ambrus. Book.330pp, illustrated, story sources, index, hardback. Leopard Books, 1970. 0752902091. Brings together Jacobs’ two collections of folk tales which were published in the 1890s. Linda Lowden Bequest.

Celtic Myths and Beliefs - Andrew Brown, editor. 64pp, coloured plates, hardback. Quantum Books, 1998. 1864601787. A good introduction to the life and folklore of the early Celts who sought to explain the natural phenomenon with mythical stories. Linda Lowden Bequest.

An Introduction to Celtic Mythology - David Bellingham. Book. 128pp, coloured plates, bibliography, index, hardback. Sandstone Books, 1997. 186460106X. Heroes, monsters, magic and lovers all feature in the stories told by the ancient Celts. Linda Lowden Bequest.


Celtic Treasury: The Art and History of the Celts - Catriona Luke. Book. 88pp, coloured plates, chronology, glossary, hardback. Michael O’Mara Books, 1996. 1854797239. Celebrates one of the richest and yet least-known civilisations of ancient and early modern Europe. Linda Lowden Bequest.

Celtic Women in Legend, Myth and History - Lyn Webster Wilde/ Courtney Davis. Book. 176pp, coloured plates, index, hardback. Cassell, 1997. 0713725524. Looks at the role of Celtic women through history from Boudicca to Mary Robinson. Linda Lowden Bequest.

The Celts - Nora Chadwick. Book. 301pp, maps, plates, index, paperback. Penguin, 1970. An overview of archaeology, art, literature, religion, settlement of the Celts in Europe and the British Isles. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Life in Celtic Times - A G Smith/ William Kaufman. Book.48pp, 43 line drawings for colouring, paperback. Dover Books, 1997. 0486297144. Spans fourteen centuries of the lifestyle and art of the Celts. Linda Lowden Bequest.

World Guide to Beer - Michael Jackson. Book. 254pp, plates, index, paperback. AP Publishing, 1977. 0868270008. A well illustrated overview of the beer around the world, inluding Guinness. Seamus McGettigan Collection.


A Celtic Miscellany: Translations from the Celtic Literature - Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson, compiler. Book. 343pp, notes, pronouncing index of names and places, paperback. Penguin, 1971. 0140442472. Draws on Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, Cornish and Breton material to make it one of the most comprehensive collections of Celtic literature. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.


The Book of Celtic Saints - Illustrated by Courtney Davis, text by Elaine Gill. Book. 128pp, bibliography, index, hardback. Blandford Press, 1995. 713723963. A lavishly illustrated text in the Celtic tradition to stimulate and inspire about the lives of the early Christian saints. Linda Lowden Bequest.

The Elements of Celtic Christianity - Anthony Duncan. Book.120pp, bibliography, index, paperback. Element Books, 1992. 01862041385. Provides a thought provoking examination of the spirit religion which flourished on the islands of Britain during the Dark Ages. Linda Lowden Bequest.

The Gods of the Celts - Miranda Green. Book. 257pp, numerous plates, extensive bibliography, index, hardback. Bramley Books, 1986. 1858337313. An invaluable sourcebook on the Celts and their religion, covering all aspects of the gods, ritual customs, cult-objects and sacred places of the ancient Celtic peoples. Linda Lowden Bequest.

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Art and Ireland - Robert Elliott. Book. 314pp, plates, hardback. Kennikat, 1970. 0804607761. This a a reprint of the 1902 classic work which surveys ecclesiastical art from church design, sculpture, stained glass, wrought iron, vestments and stations of the cross. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Book of Kells - Bill Simpson, ed. CD. X-Communications, 2000. This is a complete overview of the Book of Kells which was is the most famous illuminated manuscript created around 800. It also shows the book's full contents which can be viewed in a number of formats. Images from Kells Collection.

Book of Kells - Roger Stalley. Video. 4min. Faksimile Verlag Luzern, 1990. Gives a brief overview of the history and production of the Book of Kells with various images. Images From Kells Collection.

Book of Kells - BBC. Video. 55min. Explores the history and production of the Book of Kells with opinions from various academics. Images from Kells Collection.

Celtic Illumination: The Irish School - Courtney Davis. Book. 96pp, 106 illustrations, paperback. Thames and Hudson, 1998. 0500280398. Uses the rich catalogue of Irish illuminated manuscripts for his selection. Linda Lowden Bequest.


Bobby Sands and the Tragedy of Northern Ireland - John M Feehan. 151pp, paperback. Mercier Press, 1983. 0853426872. One hundred thousand people walked in the funeral cortege of hunger striker and Member of Parliament, Bobby Sands. He drew world attention to the Northern Ireland question and flamed passions to seek an ultimate solution. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Borstal Boy - Brendan Behan. Book. 340pp, portrait, hardback.Hutchinson, 1958. One of the classic Irish autobiographies. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Constance Markievicz - Sean O’Faolain. Book. 220pp, index, paperback. Sphere, 1968. Countess Markievicz came from a rich Anglo-Irish family and championed the cause of Dublin’s poor. The Rebel, or Red, Countess was the only uniformed woman officer in the Easter Rising of 1916. She was also the first woman to be elected to Parliament, but never took her seat. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Contact: The Brutal Chronicle of a Para’s War on the Battlefield of Ulster - A F N Clarke. Book. 162pp, paperback. Macmillan, 1983. 0330282247. Captain Clarke saw two journeys of duty with the Paras in Ulster in the 1970s, and this is his frank account of the urban guerrilla war. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Dermot: King of Leinster and Other Foreigners - Nicholas Furlong. Book. 211pp, index, paperback. Anvil Press, 1973. Dermot MacMurrouhgh is described as being 'putrid when living, damned when dead' and is credited with bringing 800 years of strife on Ireland. This man who became Lord of Hy Kinsella, King of Leinster and the Foreigners at the age of sixteen was a key player in Irish history. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

The Letters of Sean O'Casey: Volume 1 - 1910-1941 - David Krause, ed. Book. 972pp, plates, extensive index, hardback. Cassell, 1975. 0304296082. Traces the life of an unemployed railwayman at thirty years old to a sixty year old established influential playwright and author. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution - C Desmond Greaves. Book. 416pp, portrait, extensive index, hardback. Lawrence and Wishart, 1971. 0853152322. Mellows is regarded as the key intellectual uniting the revolutionary movement until his execution by the Irish Free State government in 1922. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Martin Cash: His Personal Narrative as a Bushranger in Tasmania - Martin Cash. Book. 174pp, paperback. Mercury-Walch, 1981. 0950093327. Martin Cash was born in Co. Wexford, Ireland in 1810. He was sentenced to seven years transportation to Van Dieman's Land for the wounding of his girl friend's consort. After terms in Port Arthur and on Norfolk Island he had a period of liberty as a bushranger. He died in 1877.. Seamus McGettigan Collection..

My Years in English Jails: The Brutal Facts - O'Donovan Rossa. Edited by Sean Ua Cearnaigh. Book. 240pp, paperback. Anvil Books, 1967. Rossa was born in Cork in 1831 and saw the famine and its terrible aftermath. He took the Fenian oath in 1858 and was sentenced to gaol for th term of his natural life in 1865. He was released to exile in the USA in 1871, and published this book in 1874. It did much to cause the Devon Commission on British gaol conditions. He died in 1915 and in accord with his wish his body was returned to Ireland for burial at Glasnevin. Seaumus McGettigan Collection

Oliver Goldsmith Ricardo Quintana. Book. 213pp, plates, bibliography, index, hardback. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1969. 0297762303. Newly arrived from Ireland, Goldsmith began his literary career in Grub Street and from there it blossomed until his death in 1774. Seaumus McGettigan Collection

Oliver St John Gogarty - Ulick O'Connor. Book. 348pp, paperback, plates, index.. Granada, 1981. 0586051198.A biography of one of the great modern Irish poets. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

One Day in My Life - Bobby Sands. Book. 118pp, paperback. Mercier Press, 1983. 0853426821. The original manuscript was written on toilet paper and secreted out of Long Kesh prison. This is the statement of a hunger striker and politician who paid the ultimate price. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Roger Casement - Brian Inglis. Book. 462pp, extensive index, paperback. Hodder & Stoughton, 1973. 034018292X. Regarded as the best biography of one of the intellectual architects of the Irish cause and one of its ‘martyrs’. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Speeches from the Dock - T D, AM, & D B Sullivan. Book.340pp, paperback. Gill and Macmillan, 1968. Here is a book written by men who helped to shape a nation. First published in 1890s, and reprinted many times since, this book is a testament to men whose eloquence was no less than their uncompromising idealism and hopes for an Irish nation. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Tell Them Everything: A Sojourn in the Prison of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Ard Macha (Armagh) - Margaretta D’Arcy. Book. 112pp, reading list, biographical notes, list of women political prisoners, paperback. Pluto Press, 1981. 0861043499. This is the story of the author’s three month gaol stay after protesting on prison conditions on International Women’s Day in 1979. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

And Then We Moved to Rossenarra: Or, The Art of Emigrating - Richard Condon. Book. 302pp, paperback. Angus and Robertson, 0207136394. After nineteen years in seven countries Condon and his family finally settle in Kilkenny, Ireland. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

The Tom Barry Story - Meda Ryan. Book. 207pp, map, bibliography, index, paperback. Mercier Press, 1982. 0853426724. Tom Barry’s ‘Flying Column’ was the scourge of the British Army and the Black and Tans in West Cork. He was one of the few leaders of the Easter Rebellion who died in old age, alas still thriving on conflict. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Voices and the Sound of Drums: An Irish Autobiography - Patrick Shea. Book. 208pp, index, hardback. Blackstaff Press, 1981. 0856402281. Patrick Shea is one of the few Catholics to rise to the top of the public service in Ulster, a career which spanned the period 1926-73. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

The World of Daniel O'Connell - Donal McCarthy, ed. Book. 185pp, plates, paperback. Goverment of Ireland/Mercier Press. 1980. 0853425892. Produced from a series of papers prepared for the bicentenary of O'Connell's birth in 1775. It includes papers from Australian based Patrick O'Farrell and Oliver MacDonagh. O'Connell is rightly regarded as one of the most influential people in Irish history. Gift of the Government of Ireland.


Cara: The Inflight Magazine of Aer Lingus - Vol.23, No.4, July/August 1990. 108p. Mac Publishing. Articles include Insura Attituides, Riparian Pleasures, Ostrea Empire. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Conor Cruise O'Brien Introduces Ireland - Owen Hartley Edwards, ed. Book. 240pp, colour plates, hardback. Andre Deutsch, 1969. 233959904. A contemporary study of Ireland with contributions from various authorities. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Facts About Ireland - Department of Foreign Affairs, Irish Government. Multimedia CD. 1998. This interactive CD contains sections: Ireland in the World, Northern Ireland, The Economy, Land and People, Culture, Services, and The Irish State. Gift of the Government of Ireland.

Proverbs and Sayings of Ireland - Sean Gaffney/ Seamus Cashman, eds. Book. 124pp, index, paperback. Wolfhound Press, 1979. 095034544X. An illustrated collection of pover 1000 proverbs, sayings and triads arranged by subject, from all over Ireland. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.



The Caves of Ireland - J C Coleman. Book. 88pp, maps and plans, plates, list of excavated caves, glossary, bibliography, index, paperback. Anvil Books, 1965. Describes some 300 caves throughout Ireland with valuable notes. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

The Charm of Ireland: Her Places of Beauty, Entertainment, Sport and Historic Association - Stephen Gwynn. Book. 314pp, plates, index, hardback. George Harrap, 1934. One of the classic general books on Ireland, which went through a number of printings. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Curious Journey: An Oral History of Ireland’s Unfinished Revolution - Kenneth Griffith/ Timothy E O’Grady. Book.377pp, bibliography, index, paperback. Hutchinson, 1982. 0091453011. The authors draw from their interviews of nine distinguished surviving veterans who have lived through the ongoing Gaelic renaissance, including Tom Barry. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Dublin: Baile Atha Cliath - Desmond F Moore. Book. 43pp, plates, further reading list, paperback. Cultural Relations Committee of Ireland, 1965. A good brief history. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Dublin in the Age of William Butler Yeats and James Joyce - Richard M Kain. Book. 216pp, chronology 1885-1941, bibliography, index, hardback. David and Charles. 0715354256. Traces Dublin through an astonishing literary revival and the development of the Abbey Theatre, all against the background of a nationalist revival. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Fellowship of Freedom: The United Irismen and the Rebellion of 1798 - National Library of Ireland. Interactive CD. 1998. This item was produced to commemorate the bicentennial of 1798 Rebellion. It draws on the rich collections of the National Library of Ireland, National Museum of Ireland and National Gallery of Ireland and explores the events of the summer of 1798 when tens of thousands of Irish Catholics and Protestants died fighting the the forces of the crown. Gift of the Government of Ireland.

The Green Flag: Volume 3 - Ourselves Alone - Robert Kee. Book. 200pp, references, index, paperback. Quartet, 1976. 0704331039. This the final volume of Kee’s history of Ireland and covers the tumultuous period 1916-23 through the aftermath of the Easter Rebellion in 1916 and the creation of the Irish Free State in 1921. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

A History of the Irish Working Class - P Berresford Ellis. Book. 352pp, bibliography, index, hardback. George Braziller, 1973. 0807606545. This is the important study of Irish labour and supplements James Connolly’s Labour in Irish History. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

The I.R.A. - Tim Pat Coogan. Book. 620pp, plates, reference list, extensive index, paperback. Fontana Books, 1980. 0006359329. This is regarded as the definitive history of the Irish Republican Army in an updated edition to 1980. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Ireland’s Civil War - Calton Younger. Book. 540pp, plates, bibliography, index, paperback. William Collins, 1970. Regarded as the best account of the ten month Civil War which divided Ireland and brought about the death of Michael Collins on 22 August 1922. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Leaders and Workers: The Thomas Davis Lectures - J W Boyle, ed. Book. 90pp, paperback. Mercier Press, 1962. Thomas Davis's byline was 'Educate that you may be free'. Here are portraits of nine men who helped to shape Irish history: William Thompson, John Doherty, Feargus O'Connor, Bronterre O'Brien, James Fintan Lalor, Michael Davitt, William Walker, James Connolly and James Larkin. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

The McGarrity Papers: Revelations of the Irish Revolutionary Movement in Ireland and America 1900-1940 - Sean Cronin. Book. 214pp, plates, index, paperback. Anvil Books, 1972. Tyrone born Joe McGarrity sailed from Liverpool to the USA in 1890 where he joined Clan-na-Gael at the age of sixteen. He spent a life and several fortunes in the cause of Ireland. He died in 1940, just after he had helped IRA Chief of Staff, Sean Russell leave America for Europe. The unique collection of portraits assembled in the plates is a mosaic of all the key players in the Irish Republican movement. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

The Monks of Glenstal Abbey: The Spiritual Road -The History and Traditions of Glenstal Abbey - Glenstal Abbey Monks and Students. Video, 45mins. Celtic Heritage Series, Ainm Records, Dublin, 1999. This video deals with the history and development of Ireland's only Benedictine monastery at Murrow in County Limerick. It is a leading boarding and day school as well as being a centre for the revival of Celtic arts and crafts and religion. Images from Kells Collection.

Northern Ireland: Who is to Blame? - Andrew Boyd. Book.132pp, paperback. Mercier Press, 1984. 0853427089. A thought provoking book that examines the events and political attitudes and ideologies in both islands that brought Northern Ireland to a state of instability. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

The Point of No Return: The Strike that Broke the British in Ulster - Robert Fisk. Book. 264pp, index, hardback. Andre Deutsch, 1975. 0233968822. The story of the strike of Protestant power workers in Northern Ireland in 1974, which expanded in a fortnight to a widespread general strike and brought down the regional government. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

The Reality of the Anglo-Irish War 1920-21 in West Cork: Refutations, Corrections and Comments on Liam Deasy's Towards Free Ireland - Tom Barry. Book. 59pp, paperback. Anvil Books, 1974. Tom Barry was a key player in the West Cork region with his Flying Column. He knew the key players, and it is with this background that he sets out to 'put the record straight'. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Rows and Riots - Nicholas Grene. Booklet. 24pp, plates, bibliography, paperback. Europe-Australia Institute, Victoria University, 1998. 186272511X. Paper delivered by Trinity College, Dublin visitor at the Institute which looks at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, and two plays: J M Synge's Playboy of the Western World (1907); and, Sean O'Casey's The Plough and the Stars (1926), which were premiered there. Gift of Victoria University, Melbourne.

States of Ireland: The Politics of Polarization - Conor Cruise O’Brien. Book. 324pp, index, paperback. Granada, 1974. Dr O’Brien was a member of the Irish Dail and gives a masterly study of the whole complex Irish situation, through history, autobiography, political analysis, and part diary. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin: The National Cathedral of Ireland - David F R Wilson. Book. 16pp, plates, paperback. The Cathedral, 1970. A brief history of Dublin’s twelfth century Cathedral. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Supergrasses: The Use of Accomplice Evidence in Northern Ireland - Tony Gifford, QC. Book. 38pp, paperback. Cobden Trust, l984. 0900137215. The Cobden Trust asked Lord Gifford to evaluate the use of uncorroborated evidence as used in the Courts of Northern Ireland and his report had wide ranging rammifications. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Where Mountainy Men Have Sown: War and Peace in Rebel Cork in the Turbulent Years 1916-21 - Michael O’Suilleabhain. 186pp, paperback. Anvil Books, 1965. The author was a part of those years when the Auxiliaries were fair target for the mountainy men whose hearts strove for a free Ireland. They carried on the tradition of Cuchulainn, St Patrick and Brian Boru. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Yes We Have No Bananas: Outdoor Relief in Belfast 1920-39 - Paddy Devlin. Book. 195pp, bibliography, index, paperback. Blackstaff Press, 1981. 085640246X. A study of Catholic and Protestant cooperation which eventually lead to the dismissal of the Poor Law Guardians. Contains a valuable summary of Poor Law legislation since 1838. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Young Ireland 1848-1998: Rising Commemoration - Seamus Troy, ed. Booklet. 72pp, plates, advertisements. Slieveardagh Rural Development, 1998. Issued to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the 1848 rising. It contains articles on: the National Flag; John Kavanagh's Account of the Rising; Regional Economic Developmen; Larry Wall-Fitzpatrick Memorial Day; Ballingarry Presentation Convent; Thomas Francis Meagher and the National Flag; John Joe Barry; David Power Conyngham; and Michael Kerwick. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Irish Abroad

Australasian Gaelic Football and Hurling Championships - Gaelic Athletic Association of Australasia. Booklet. 52pp, plates, advertising. Gaelic Athletic Association of Victoria, 1989. Lists Australian and New Zealand participants and team photos. Has dimensional plans for football and hurling fields. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Australian Commemoration of the Great Irish Famine - Jarlath Ronayne and Val Noone, editors. Book. 50pp, plates, references list, paperback. Victoria University, 1996. 1875338837. Proceedings of Conferences held in March 1996. Contains: Foreword, His Excellency, Richard O'Brien; Introduction, Val Noone and Jarlath Ronayne; Understanding the Irish Famine, Avril Doyle; Experience of the Famine in the West of Ireland, Luke Dodd; Prelude to the Great Famine, Oliver MacDonagh; The Great Famine - Australian Connections, Richard Reid; In Finnegan's Wake - The Irish in Early Queensland, Jennifer Harrison; The Relevance of the Famine to Australians Today, Val Noone; Victoria University and Its Irish Connections, Jarlath Ronayne. Gift of Victoria University, Melbourne.

The Great Shame: A Story of the Irish in the Old World and the New - Thomas Keneally. Book. 732pp, bibliography, index. Hardback. Random House. 1998. 0091837367. In the nineteenth century, the Irish population was halved through immigration, famine and transportation. This is a masterly study of eighty years of Irish-Australian history. Gift of the Government of Ireland.

Ireland, Irishmen and Revolutionary America 1760-1820 - David Noel Doyle. Book. 257pp, plates, paperback.Government of Ireland/Mercier Press.1981. 0853425906. In the eighteenth century, Ireland's place in the North Atlantic world was proportionately much larger than it is today. Then Ireland and America were closely linked by immigration and economic ties. This book examines the role played by Ireland and Irishmen in the revolutionary America. Gift of the Government of Ireland.

The Irish Exiles in Australia - T J Kiernan. Book. 196pp, index, hardback. Clonmore & Reynolds. 1954. The author was Irish High Commissioner, and later Ambassador, in Australia during the years 1946-54. This book looks at the early political prisoners who were transported to Australia, including William Smith O'Brien. Gift of the Government of Ireland.

Irish Festival: Bicentennial Souvenir 1988 - Seaumus McGettigan, ed. Booklet. 52pp, plates, advertsiements. Feeley Agencies, 1988. Melbourne's Irish community have celebrated St Patrick's Day since its foundation and the first Victorian Parliament met in St Patrick's Hall. The booklet gives a good overview of Victoria's Irish organisations and many of its businesses. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Irish Festival 1989 - Seamus McGettigan, ed. Booklet. 32pp, plates, advertisements. Magazine Art, 1989. Contains articles on the Connemara Pony, Detroit Irish, KNowth Kerb Stone, Eureka, and Count Strzelecki. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

The Irish Imprint in Australia - Jarlath Ronayne/ Robert Pascoe. Book.50pp, plates, bibliography, hardback. Victoria University, 1994. 1875338211. This book was issued to record the occasion of the conferral of an Honorary Doctorate on Albert Reynolds, Prime Minister of Ireland. Chapters include: Peace At Last!; The Irish Imprint in Australia; The Irish Townscape of Colonial Melbourne; Sir Redmond Barry; Who was Who among Irish Australians; The Irish Folksong in Australia; A Bibliography of Irish Australia. Gift of Victoria University, Melbourne.

The Irish in Australia - Patrick O'Farrell. Book. 362pp, plates, bibliography, index, paperback. New South Wales University Press. 0868401811. 1993, rev. ed. This book explores the role of the Irish settlers in Australia from the First Fleet through until today. It shows them to be a dynamic force which helped to shape modern Australia. Gift of the Government of Ireland.

Kerry Murphy's Memoirs: The Diaries of an Irish Immigrant - Kerry Murphy. Book. 383pp, plates, index, hardback. Walla Walla Press. 1998. 095870791X Born in 1918 in Co. Kerry, Murphy travelled to Australia where he has made a great contribution to Sydney's Irish community. Gift of the Government of Ireland.

Melbourne and the Irish Famine: The Unveiling of a New Monument - Val Noon, ed. Booklet. 24pp, map, plates, bibliography. Irish Famine Commemoration Committee, 1998. This booklet is from the unveiling of a memorial to commemorate the one million people who died in Ireland during the Great Hunder of 1845-52. The memorial was unveiled on 6 December 1998, 150 years after the Irish orphan ship 'Lady Kennaway' sailed into Hobson's Bay, and contains a list of the 191 orphan girls on that ship. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Nexus: News from Victoria University - Andrea Watson, ed. Newspaper. Vol.6, No.18 - 14 Oct 1996.18pp, plates. Victoria University. Contains report of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Victoria University, Melbourne and Trinity College, Dublin, as well as other student news. Gift of Victoria University, Melbourne.

Planting the Celtic Cross: Foundations of the Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn - Rev. Brian Maher. Book. 380pp, plates, bibliography, index, paperback. Author. 1997. 0949543187. The Irish settlers in southern New South Wales in the 1830s created a dynamic community of Irishness and faith and the strong Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn is the result.Gift of the Government of Ireland.

Sins of the Father: Joseph P Kennedy and the Dynasty he Founded - Ronald Kessler. Book. 480pp, plates, bibliography, index, hardback. Warner Books, 1996. 0446518840. This is a 'warts and all' biography of the head of America's first family who was US Ambassador to Britain during World War II. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

The University: The Best of Times and the Worst of Times - Professor Thomas N Mitchell. Booklet. 26pp, plates, paperback. Victoria University, 1996. 1875338829. This paper was delivered by the Provost of Trinity College, Dublin on the occasion of the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Trinity College and the Victoria University. The booklet includes: an introduction by Sir Zelman Cowen; a vote of thanks by Professor Jarlath Ronayne; and, a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding. Gift of Victoria University, Melbourne.


Collins Pocket Irish Dictionary - Seamus MacMathuna/ Aibhe O’ Corrain, editors. Book. 648pp, paperback. Harper Collins, 1997. 0004707656. Claimed to be the most up-to-date and easy-to-use Irish Dictionary available, with over 65,000 translations. Linda Lowden Bequest.


Catch Yerself On! - John Pepper. Book. 59pp, glossary, cartoons, paperback. Blackstaff Press, 1980. 0856402370. A collection of illustrated humorous stories. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Cloud of Desolation - Sam Baneham. Book. 302pp, paperback. Wolfhound Press, 1982. 0905473876. Saeumus McGettigan Collection.

Death of A Chieftain and Other Stories - John Montague. Book. 168pp, paperback. Poolbeg Press, 1978. 0905169115. A short story collection by one of Ireland's leading poets. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Hermitage - Mervyn Wall. Book. 352pp, hardback. Wolfhound Press, 1982. A novel of contemporary Irish life by a former civil servant and Arts Council administrator. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

The Lady at the Gate - Eamonn MacThomais. Book. 138pp, paperback. Anvil Books, 1971. A collection of articles, lectures and poems. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Letters of a Successful T.D. - John B Keane. Book. 87pp, paperback. Mercier Press, 1967. Former publican, John Keane, shows Irish life from the grass roots. Letters has been reprinted many times. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Modern Irish Drama: Volume Two - Laying the Foundations 1902-04 - Robert Hogan/ James Kilroy. Book. 164pp, drama and cast checklist, references, index, hardback. Dolmen Press, 1976. 0851052797. Traces a high period in drama renaissance during the dissolution of the Irish Literary Theatre and the foundation of the Abbey Theatre and the launch of many notable theatrical careers. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

The Pupil: A Memory of Love - Monk Gibbon. Book. 1l9pp, hardback. Wolfhound Press, 1981. 090547368X. Monk is regarded as one of Ireland’s foremost literary figures of the 20th century. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Saucer of Larks: Stories of Ireland - Brian Friel. Book. 256pp, paperback. Arrow Books, 1969. 090020203. Short stories from the light and shade of Irish life. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Shell, Sea Shell - Liam Lynch. 175pp, hardback.Wolfhound Press, 1982. 0905473809. The first novel of one of Ireland's finest playwrights. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

A Short History of Anglo-Irish Literature from its Origins to the Present Day - Roger McHugh/ Maurice Harmon. Book. 377pp, plates, extensive bibliography and index, hardback. Wolfhound Press, 1981. 0905473523. A valuable resource for an overview of Irish literature. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Short Stories of Padraic Pearse: A Dual-language Book - Desmond McGuire. Book. 117pp, paperback. Mercier Press, 1968. Padraic Pearse played a prominent part in the Easter Rebellion and declared Ireland a Republic from the steps of the General Post Office. Executed as a revolutionary, Pearse has a very different side to his life as these everyday stories show. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

W B Yeats Selected Poetry - A Norman Jeffares, editor. Book. 232pp, annotated notes, indices to poems and first lines, paperback. Macmillan, 1962. A collection of one of Ireland’s bards who lived from 1865-1939. Seamus McGettigan Collection.


Beating the Terrorists: Interrogation in Omagh, Gough and Castlereagh - Peter Taylor. Book. 347pp, paperback. Penguin Books, 1980. 0140523375. Looks at treatment in Northern Ireland's prisons and the Amnesty International and Bennett reports. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

Political Murder in Northern Ireland - Martin Dillon/ Denis Lehane. Book. 318pp, paperback. Penguin Books, 1973. 0140523881. Traces the history to the proroguing of Stormont in 1971 and the roles of the IRA, Protestants and the British Army since that date. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

The Politics of Dishonour: Ireland 1916-1977 - T P O’Mahony. Book. 151pp, bibliography, hardback. Talbot Press, 1977. 0854521194. Documents ideas and events during the making of modern Ireland. Seamus McGettigan Collection.


Gaelsport: GAA Youth Annual 1983 - Ray McManus/ Jim O'Kelly/ Eogan Corry/ Peter O'Hehir, eds. Book. 80pp, plates, hatrdback. Gaelic Athletic Association Youth Committee, 1983. A superbly illustrated round-up of hurling and football for the year, along with interesting articles from the past. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Gaelsport: GAA Youth Annual 1984 - Ray McManus/ Eogan Corry/ Peter O'Hehir, eds. Book. 96pp, plates, hardback. Gaelic Athletic Association Youth Committee, 1984. A superbly illustrated round-up of hurling and football for the year, along with interesting articles from the past. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

Cumann Luthchleas Gael: A Century of Service 1884-1984 - Iris Leabhar an Cheid. Book. 96pp, plates, paperback. Cumann Luthchleas Gael, 1984. This centennial history of the Gaelic Athletic Association starts with the handful of men who met in aTipperary hotel with the aim of 'the preservation and cultivation of national pastimes'. The fact that they succeeded and such a movement has spread around the world is documented in this book. Seamus McGettigan Collection.

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Isle of Man


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Clans and Tartans of Scotland - Neil Grant. Book. 112pp, coloured plates, clan list, clan map, index, hardback. Universal International, 1998. 1876142510. Explores the history of over 100 of Scotland’s most famous clans from that country’s rich and turbulent past. Linda Lowden Bequest.

Iona: Dove Across the Water - Mike Alexander. Video. 35mins. Scotsound, 1998. Gives the history of the island from the establishment of St Columba's monastery in 563 through to the restoration of the Iona monastery by the Iona community. Images from Kells Collection.


The Celtic Quiz Book - Paddy Woods. Book. 174pp, plates, paperback. Mainstream Publishing, 1987. 1851580905. A factbook on the Glasgow Celtic Football Club. Seaumus McGettigan Collection.

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The Revolt of Owain Glyn Dwr - R R Davies. Book. 401pp, 8pp plates, bibliography, index, paperback. Oxford University Press. 1997. 0192853368. Owain Glyn Dwr is regarded as the father of modern Welsh nationalism. He led the revolt against the English during the period 1400-9 and generated a remarkable vision for Wales. Linda Lowden Bequest.


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